Court trials for the “macro area”: great tennis in Turin!

Thursday 17 and Friday 18 June saw the on-court trials for the 2021 Summer Master at the Circolo della Stampa Sporting. In the Turin trials, planned for the candidates coming from the macro area (Piedmont, Lombardy, Aosta Valley and Liguria), the young prospects who passed the first “cut” took to the court, and all put on show their great passion for this sport, their desire to grow and their abilities.
All candidates who treaded on Sporting’s courts (the same that will be available to the first eight players of the ATP rankings in November) were first subject to a technical test on the red clay rectangle and, secondly, to an attitude interview.
Both for the macro area candidates and for who applied in the rest of Italy, these are important hours. The I Tennis Foundation commission is, in fact, evaluating the “technical” assessments and the the ISEE (Indicator of the Equivalent Economic Situation) of the families. Tomorrow the much-awaited communication of the names of the 10 girls and 10 boys who will have obtained a pass for the 2021 Summer Master.

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