Emilio Sanchez Vicario​

USPTA Master professional Elite Certified, Single Best-Ranking ATP n.7, Double Best-Ranking ATP n. 1
Founder Academia Emilio Sanchez"I have immediately shared the mission of I Tennis Foundation, which is in line with the aims of my ESV Foundation: I am happy to provide my experience in the tennis industry to help grow the LTC project."

Lorenzo Musetti

Best-Ranking ATP n.15

"This is really a forward-looking project. I am very happy to be part of I Tennis Foundation and I hope in the future to give some advice to these young tennis players because I see myself in them."


Lorenzo Sonego

Best-Ranking ATP n. 21"I am happy to support I Tennis Foundation, which is based in Turin, my city. The Little Tennis Champions charity project is based on values I really care about, such as meritocracy and solidarity with the underprivileged classes".

Gipo Arbino

Gipo Arbino

Coach di Lorenzo Sonego Best-Ranking ATP n. 21"After so many years in the tennis industry, I appreciate the strategy of the I Tennis Foundation and the scholarship plan for the development of young talent from the underprivileged classes".

Petra Martić

Best-Ranking WTA n. 14"The I Tennis Foudation has developed an innovative scholarship scheme for disadvantaged children: I am very happy to support it and hope to contribute to their success".


Stephane Gurov

Founder & director Top5 Management, Manager of Elina Svitolina (Best-Ranking WTA n.3)"Projects like I Tennis Campus and Little Tennis Champions are so altruistic that they not only help the community, but also contribute to the concepts of fairness and loyalty that our sport teaches us every day."

Chiara Appendino

Member of the Italian Parliament"The activities of the I Tennis Foundation can certainly help many young kids to follow a dream and, by providing them with all the support they need, to be able to turn it into reality."

Stefano Vukov

Stefano Vukov

Coach of Elena Rybakina, Best-Ranking WTA n.3"When I was introduced to the Little Tennis Champions project, I thought it was a great plan: offering the chance to be part of a group of fellows today represents an important opportunity for disadvantaged social classes"

Pat Cash

Pat Cash

Best-Ranking ATP n. 4, coach of Wang Q, Best-Ranking WTA n. 12"The Tennis Foundation has launched a very interesting and valuable project for disadvantaged children. The Forte Village location will also be the perfect setting, given its tennis vocation and the many international tournaments played during the year"

Marta Kostyuk

Best-Ranking n.34 WTA

"I am happy to support I Tennis Foundation and to be an example for all boys and girls who have dreams of becoming tennis players."

Anhelina Kalinina

Best-Ranking n.25 WTA"It is a pleasure for me to be part of the I Tennis Foundation and I am happy to support its charitable activities to help young Ukrainian female tennis players."


Fabio Fognini

Best-Ranking ATP n. 9"As a professional tennis player, I like the scholarship system devised by the I Tennis Foundation: it will create an interesting group of young tennis students who will have an important opportunity to grow in life"


Flavia Pennetta

Best-Ranking WTA n. 6, winner of the Us Open 2015"After a lifetime in the tennis community, of which I have shared the values of discipline and meritocracy, I gladly support the professionals of I Tennis Foundation and their vision: GIVING A POSSIBILITY TO THOSE WHO HAVE NO POSSIBILITIES"

Elena Rybakina

Elena Rybakina

Best-Ranking WTA n.3"Tennis is sacrifice and involves a lot of hardship, I believe this project can finally reward young talent willing to commit to a better future"

Simone Tartarini

Coach of Lorenzo Musetti, Best-Ranking ATP n. 15
"What the I Tennis Foundation provides for young athletes - from training with great coaches to international activity - is very important for their future"

Francesca Schiavone

Best-Ranking WTA n. 4 – Winner of Roland Garros 2010 "The activities of the I Tennis Foundation can certainly help many young people to follow a dream and, by providing them with all the support they need, to be able to make it a reality"

Evelina Christillin

Evelina Christillin

President of the Egyptian Museum in Turin, and e Council female member of FIFA and UEFA "As a sportswoman and a manager working in the world of sport, I support this ambitious project designed and developed in my beloved Turin"


Bartolomeo Salomone

President of Ferrero Spa
"The goals of the Little Tennis Champions charity project are inspired by a sensibility that we feel is close to our heart: the valorisation of the individual, the promotion of talent, and the focus on training constitute the highest, most demanding and necessary mission, always"


Nicola Colombo

Owner of Gruppo Colombo
"My family has always been in the sports business and when I heard about Little Tennis Champions we shared its values and charitable aims and opted to sponsor the project."

Luigi Abete

President of Luiss Business School
"I have endorsed with passion and sincere admiration the mission and activities of the I Tennis Foundation: helping young talent is a noble commitment and of great value to the community"

Alessandro Gilardi

Owner of Costruzioni Generali Gilardi SpA
"Little Tennis Champions is a unique project that our Foundation has decided to support as it rewards the talent and will of underprivileged children through the awarding of scholarships aimed at international tennis education and training"

Ivan Ljubičić

Coach of Roger Federer, Best-Ranking ATP n. 3
"I decided to support I Tennis Foundation because it is the story of what happened to me and I see myself in the boys and girls who will have this opportunity. Because it is the same one, I had 28 years ago. I know what they will experience, how they will feel. And I will be happy to contribute to their growth."