The Summer Master

The 2021 Summer Masters is the preview of the LITTLE TENNIS CHAMPIONS scholarship program signed by the I Tennis Foundation and dedicated to 20 deserving students who are offered a comprehensive, high-level tennis education.

During 2021, 20 Italian students born in 2008, selected from all over Italy, had the opportunity to spend three weeks of high-level tennis training in Turin (ITC-ILO Campus) and in Sardinia (Forte Village Resort), between on-court and classroom lessons assisted by widely renowned coaches such as Emilio Sanchez and Gipo Arbino and supported by testimonials, partners, sponsors and institutions.

At the end of the Masters, the 20 young athletes competed in the final Little Tennis Sparks tournament, in which they applied all the lessons they had received. 

The boys were introduced to the world of sports journalism and also learned lessons in refereeing and match analysis.

There were many prizes awarded at the end of the final Tournament, including the Fair Play Award.

The kids and the team on the courts of the Forte Village Resort

Special training sessions with Magnus Larsson and Gipo Arbino

Lorenzo Sonego on the court with the kids

A classroom lesson during the Master’s

Master LTC 2021 News